When we want to build a house / castle / tower or anything that rises in height we also want to add stairs that will lead to the top, we have lots of options how to build the perfect Lego stairs for the model we build, so many options I can say that the number of options for Lego stairs is equal to the number of people who decided to build them.. Everyone can build their own custom stairs and design them each time in a wonderful new way.

So first some tips on how to build Lego stairs
1) Try to understand what will be the most correct stair shape that will fit your model: round, straight, broken stairs, with base, without base, etc.
2) The next step is to figure out what their texture and color will be: smooth, rough, colored, or solid color, etc.
3) Extras: You can add all kinds of extras to your stairs such as: railing, broken stairs, various accessories etc.

Have you had any ideas yet? If not then here are some guides to help you:

After seeing all the guides I'm sure you already have an idea how to build your Lego stairs.
So good luck and of course always welcome to send us what you built :)