If you are in the middle of building a Lego of a Witch's House or Wizard's Tower or just a castle that has a potions room you must have your own potions cabinet!
So in this guide we will talk about building a potion cabinet:

1) You need to adjust the size of your Lego potion cabinet to the size of the room and see that it fits in its dimensions.
2) Try to put as many elements as possible in the cabinet (not just potions) such as: skulls, gold objects, scrolls, candles, pots, scary elements, etc ..
3) It is also recommended to put in the cabinet some interesting design or decorations that will make it a little more special.
4) Next to the cabinet you can always put Lego treasure boxes, or all kinds of boxes or pots that will give a more feeling of a potions room.


I invite you to download for free the potion cabinet instructions I built and build it yourself: https://htbi-moc.com/products/moc-potions-cabinet