In this tutorial we will learn how to build a table in the style of the Middle Ages in a few simple steps.
1) At the planning stage you will need to decide what the size and shape of the table will be and adjust it to the size of the overall model.
2) In the second step choose textures of the table, will it be wood color? Maybe at the top make a design that will look like a tablecloth, and also need to think about the objects that you will place on your Lego table.
3) Use of parts: As you will notice in the instructions I attached I used Lego bricks 1X1 to create the texture of the wooden poles of the table, equally you can also use flat parts of 1X4 or something in style, it is important to use parts that will give us the look that best suits our work.


So now feel free to build your own table:

Feel free to watch a video of how I build the model:

Hope you liked it, feel free to watch many more guides we have on the site