When it comes to building trees, there are endless possibilities for designs and themes. Here are 5 Lego MOC tree ideas to inspire your next build:

1)A Giant Oak Tree

Create a towering oak tree with realistic branches and leaves using a combination of green and brown bricks. You could even add a treehouse or a rope bridge to make it more interactive.

Lego Giant Oak Tree MOC

2) A Bamboo Forest

For a more tropical vibe, try building a bamboo forest using long, slender green bricks. You can add water features, such as a small pond or waterfall, to make the scene even more immersive.

Lego Bamboo Forest MOC

3) A Spooky Haunted Tree

Get into the Halloween spirit with a spooky haunted tree. Use dark brown bricks to create a twisted and gnarled trunk, and add spooky details like bats, spiders, and a ghostly face in the branches.

Lego Spooky Haunted Tree MOC

4) A Fruit Tree Orchard

Create a colorful orchard filled with fruit trees using various shades of green bricks for the leaves and red, yellow, or orange bricks for the fruit. You could also add a farmhouse or a farmer minifigure to complete the scene.

Lego Fruit Tree Orchard MOC

5) A Tree of Life

Build a magical tree of life using a combination of green, brown, and gold bricks. Add sparkling jewels or other decorative elements to make it truly unique. You could even add a fairy or other mythical creature to the branches.

Lego Tree of Life MOC

No matter what theme you choose, building Lego MOC trees is a fun and creative way to let your imagination run wild. Happy building!


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