Are you a fan of Lego's Power Miners theme? If so, you'll love these five MOC ideas that are sure to inspire your next building project. From a fortress with a working lava falls to a mech suit equipped with a magma cannon, these MOCs offer endless playability and allow for creative building and storytelling. So gather your bricks and get ready to create your own Power Miners adventures!


1) The Lava Falls Fortress: This MOC is a massive playset that features a working lava falls, a functional drawbridge, and a hidden treasure room. The Power Miners can defend the fortress from the invading Rock Monsters using the mounted crossbow and boiling oil traps.

Lego Lava Falls Fortress MOC


2) The Crystal Cavern Crawler: This vehicle is a must-have for any Power Miner. It can crawl over rough terrain and even has a drilling function to help the miners dig for crystals. The cockpit also has space for two minifigures, and there's a removable crystal cart to transport the loot.

Lego Crystal Cavern Crawler


3) The Magma Mech: This mech suit is equipped with a magma cannon, which can melt through solid rock to uncover hidden crystals. It also has a claw arm for grabbing and lifting heavy objects, and a built-in jetpack for quick escapes.

Lego Magma Mech MOC


4) The Rock Monster Hideout: This MOC is a secret base hidden deep in the earth, where the Rock Monsters plan their attacks on the Power Miners. The hideout has a jail to hold captured miners, a training room for Rock Monsters to practice their fighting skills, and a throne room for the Rock Monster leader.

 Lego The Rock Monster Hideout moc


5) The Crystal Mountain: This massive MOC is a mountain made entirely of crystal, with hidden caves and tunnels for the Power Miners to explore. The mountain is full of traps and hazards, and the miners will need to use all their skills and tools to uncover the rarest crystals.

Lego Crystal Mountain moc



We hope these five MOC ideas have inspired you to create your own Power Miners adventures. With a little imagination and some Legos, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're building a Crystal Mountain or a Crystal Cavern Crawler, these MOCs are sure to provide hours of fun for Power Miners fans of all ages. Happy building!


Power Miners Base Power Miners Vic Viper Still-grinding


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