As the holiday season approaches, many of us are looking for fun and creative ways to celebrate and decorate. If you're a fan of Lego, why not consider building your own holiday-themed MOC? Lego MOCs are a great way to tap into your creativity and make something truly unique and special. Here are five ideas for holiday-themed Lego MOCs that you can build and display with pride.

1) A Christmas Village: Recreate a charming holiday scene with a collection of houses, a town square, and a decorated Christmas tree. You can add in minifigures dressed in winter gear and even include a toy train running through the village.

Lego A Christmas Village MOC

2) A Hanukkah Menorah: Build a detailed and festive menorah out of Lego bricks, complete with flickering "candles" made from transparent bricks.

Lego Hanukkah Menorah MOC


3) A Thanksgiving Turkey: Get into the Thanksgiving spirit by constructing a turkey out of bricks. You can use different shades of orange and brown to create the turkey's feathers, and add in details like a beak and googly eyes.

Lego Thanksgiving Turkey MOC


4) A Halloween Haunted House: Create a spooky Lego model for Halloween, complete with a haunted mansion, a graveyard, and creepy minifigures like ghosts and monsters. You can even add in hidden traps and secret passages for extra fun.

Lego Halloween Haunted House MOC


5) A Valentine's Day Chocolate Shop: Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Lego MOC of a chocolate shop, complete with a display case filled with tasty treats and a cozy seating area. You can add in minifigures enjoying a romantic chocolate tasting or creating their own customized boxes of chocolates.

Lego Valentine's Day Chocolate Shop MOC


These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities for holiday-themed Lego MOCs are endless. Have fun building and happy holidays!



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