LEGO MOC ideas for alien designs! If you're a fan of building and creating with LEGO bricks, then you'll love these out-of-this-world ideas for constructing your own alien-themed creations. Whether you're looking for a massive mothership, a mysterious temple, or a bustling alien cityscape, we've got plenty of inspiration to get you started on your next MOC.


1) : This MOC could be a large, detailed spaceship with a unique, otherworldly design. The ship could have multiple levels, including a cockpit for the alien pilots, living quarters for the crew, and cargo holds for transporting goods. The exterior of the ship could be adorned with intricate details and decorations, such as pulsing neon lights or strange protuberances.

 Lego Alien Mothership MOC


2) Alien Temple: This MOC could be a grand, ancient-looking structure with a mix of organic and mechanical elements. The temple could be built on an alien planet and feature towering spires, arched doorways, and ornate decorations. The interior of the temple could have hidden chambers and passageways, as well as mysterious artifacts and relics.

 Lego Alien Temple MOC


3) Alien Cityscape: This MOC could be a bustling metropolis on an alien planet, with towering skyscrapers, bustling streets, and crowded marketplaces. The city could be home to all sorts of strange and exotic creatures, each with their own unique appearance and culture. The city could also have advanced technology and transportation systems, such as flying cars or monorails.

 Lego Alien Cityscape MOC


4) Alien Zoo: This MOC could be a large, futuristic zoo on an alien planet, showcasing a wide variety of exotic creatures from across the galaxy. The zoo could have immersive, biomes for each species, such as a dense rainforest for alien reptiles or a rocky canyon for alien mammals. The zoo could also have educational exhibits and interactive displays, such as holographic displays or virtual reality simulations.

 Lego Alien Zoo MOC


5) Alien Invasion: This MOC could be a scene depicting an alien invasion of Earth. The MOC could include a variety of alien ships and vehicles, as well as hordes of alien troops invading cities and landmarks. The MOC could also include human soldiers and civilians trying to fight back against the invaders. This MOC could be an opportunity to get creative with the design of the aliens and their technology, as well as the various locations and scenarios of the invasion.

 Lego Alien Invasion MOC


We hope these five LEGO MOC ideas for alien designs have inspired you to get creative with your building. Remember, the only limit is your imagination! Whether you choose to build one of these MOCs or come up with your own unique alien designs, the fun is in the building process. Happy creating!

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