Are you a fan of Wonder Woman and her epic adventures? If so, you'll love these five LEGO MOC ideas inspired by the world of Wonder Woman. From the Invisible Jet to Themyscira, these MOCs will transport you into the world of the Amazonian warrior and allow you to recreate your favorite scenes from the comics and movies.

  1. Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet: This MOC would recreate Wonder Woman's iconic Invisible Jet, complete with movable wings and transparent bricks for the "invisible" effect. It could also include a mini-figure of Wonder Woman herself, ready to fly off on her next adventure.

  2. Themyscira: The home of the Amazonian warriors, Themyscira would make for a stunning MOC with its lush forests and ancient ruins. The MOC could include a palace for Queen Hippolyta, training grounds for the warriors, and even a beach with a lasso-throwing range.

  3. The Lasso of Truth: A vital weapon in Wonder Woman's arsenal, the Lasso of Truth could be recreated using a flexible LEGO piece to represent the lasso. This MOC could also include a mini-figure of Wonder Woman, ready to use the lasso to force her enemies to reveal their true intentions.

  4. Ares' Temple: The villainous god Ares plays a key role in the Wonder Woman story, and his temple would make for a great MOC. The temple could include traps and puzzles for Wonder Woman to overcome as she battles Ares and his minions.

  5. The Justice League Watchtower: As a member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman would need a place to meet and plan their next moves. The MOC for the Justice League Watchtower could include a conference room, sleeping quarters, and a control room for monitoring threats to the world. It could also include mini-figures of the other Justice League members, such as Superman, Batman, and the Flash.


Whether you're a seasoned LEGO builder or just starting out, these Wonder Woman MOC ideas will provide endless hours of building and roleplaying fun. So gather your bricks and let your imagination run wild as you bring these iconic scenes and characters to life.