Lego Snow Sports MOCs (My Own Creation) can be a fun and creative way to build and play with your Lego bricks during the winter months. If you're feeling inspired and want to try your hand at building your own snow sports-themed MOCs, here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. Ski resort: Build a mini ski resort complete with ski runs, chairlifts, a lodge, and even a snowmaking machine. You can include ski patrollers, instructors, and skiers to bring the scene to life.

  2. Ice skating rink: Create an ice skating rink complete with a Zamboni to resurface the ice and skaters gliding around the rink. You could also add in a hot cocoa stand for a cozy touch.

  3. Snowmobile race: Design a snowmobile race course complete with jumps, turns, and obstacles for the racers to navigate. You can include a starting gate, finish line, and even a pit stop for repairs.

  4. Ski jump competition: Construct a ski jump competition with a large ski jump ramp and judges' stand. You can include skiers practicing their jumps and a crowd of spectators cheering them on.

  5. Ice hockey game: Build an ice hockey rink with all the necessary elements, including a scoreboard, penalty box, and players battling it out on the ice. You can even add in a coach and ref to complete the scene.

These are just a few ideas for LEGO MOCs inspired by snow sports. With a little imagination and the right pieces, you can create almost any scene you can think of. Whether you're building a ski resort, ice skating rink, or ice hockey game, these MOCs are sure to bring a touch of winter fun to your LEGO collection.


Cover Image by macrovector on Freepik