If you're a fan of both music festivals and LEGO, why not combine the two and create your own LEGO Music Festival MOC? Here are five ideas to get you started:

  1. The Main Stage

Every music festival has a main stage where the headlining acts perform. Create your own LEGO version by building a stage with a backdrop, lights, speakers, and a barricade to keep the fans at bay. You can even include minifigures of the performers and crew members running around on stage.

  1. The Campgrounds

Music festivals are often held in outdoor locations, which means attendees need a place to sleep and rest. Create a campground area complete with tents, campfires, and even a food truck or two. You could even include a minifigure version of yourself and your friends hanging out and enjoying the festival.

  1. The Food and Drink Stalls

No music festival is complete without a variety of food and drink options. Build a few stalls selling everything from burgers and fries to craft beer and cocktails. Don't forget to include minifigure versions of the vendors manning the stalls.

  1. The Art and Crafts Stalls

In addition to music, many festivals also feature art and crafts stalls. Build a few stalls selling handmade jewelry, clothing, and other unique items. You could even include a minifigure artist creating a live art installation on the spot.

  1. The VIP Area

Not all festivalgoers are created equal - some get to enjoy the event from the comfort of a VIP area. Build a VIP tent complete with lounge chairs, a bar, and even a few celebrities mingling with the crowd.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your own LEGO Music Festival MOC. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity run wild and build a festival that's all your own. Just remember to keep the music pumping and the minifigure party going all weekend long!



Vue d'ensemble 2 Complete stage diorama The EDM crew On the stage Cover Image by Freepik