Lego MOCs are a popular way for Lego fans to showcase their creativity and building skills. One popular theme for Lego MOCs is modular shops, which can be incorporated into a larger city setting or displayed on their own. Here are five Lego MOC ideas for modular shops:

  1. Bakery

Bakeries are a classic choice for a Lego MOC modular shop, and there are endless possibilities for customization and detail. A bakery MOC could include a kitchen with a working oven, a display case for pastries, and a counter for customers to place their orders. For added realism, you could include a cash register and a chalkboard menu.

  1. Grocery Store

A grocery store MOC could include a variety of food displays, including a produce section, a meat counter, and a bakery section. You could also include a checkout counter with a cash register and a delivery van for customers who want to order online. You could also include a cafe area with a seating area and a coffee bar.

  1. Flower shop

A flower shop MOC could include a counter with a cash register, a display case full of flowers and plants, and a back room with a workbench and pots for arranging bouquets. You could also include a delivery van outside the shop for added realism.

  1. Toy store

A toy store MOC could have a wide variety of play areas and displays, including a section for dolls, a section for cars and trucks, and a section for board games. You could also include a play area for kids to test out the toys and a cash register for making purchases.

  1. Clothing boutique

A clothing boutique MOC could feature a variety of clothes racks, a fitting room, and a cash register. You could also include a display window to showcase the latest fashion trends and a seating area for customers to relax and try on clothes.

No matter which modular shop you choose to build, the key to a successful Lego MOC is attention to detail and creativity. Take the time to think about how your shop would function in the real world and try to include as many realistic elements as possible. You can also get inspiration from real-life shops you visit or from online images and videos. With a little bit of planning and imagination, you can create a stunning Lego MOC modular shop that will be a hit with friends and family.


Cover Image by storyset on Freepik